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"I have had two courses of coaching with Caroline over the past two years and found it to be invaluable in enabling me to see my situation clearly, get perspective and make long overdue changes in my professional life. With a late life diagnosis of autism, there was much to unpick. I was impressed with Caroline’s understanding of neurodiversity, an issue which is very misunderstood. Her background as a therapist means that she really understands how people and organisations work and her insights were transformative. I highly recommend her as a coach."

Name supplied, July 2022


""Caroline has been coaching me through a very challenging time in my career. Being faced with a major change in responsibilities when I didn’t feel ready, coaching was the only way I was able to take back control of the situation. In just a few sessions Caroline was able to shift my perspective enough to start valuing myself and what I can bring to my team and my company. I highly recommend Caroline’s coaching sessions for anyone that just like me felt the need to get back on track."

Name supplied, August 2021



"I have known Caroline for many years, as a colleague, a Director, a mentor and friend. It is exciting to see her development as a professional coach. This seems a natural progression from her considerable experience as a person-centred counsellor, course tutor and CEO/Director of an established counselling service over many years. I have no doubt that she will bring warmth, kindness and an incisive mind to her coaching role."

Danuta Lipinska

Specialist in Ageing & Dementia Care

My Home Life Action Learning Facilitator

Training Consultant, Counsellor, Supervisor


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